PVA: Projected Video Advertising System

Consider ALL that the PVA System can do for your sales and recruiting!

Your full motion HD video ads communicate and inspire in a way that an email of photos and words never could.

You have your own “Electronic Business Card” that you can send to prospects through email and/or text message. It looks just like a business card but it has an active video window. By clicking on the video window, the prospect can view your product, services, or recruiting videos through our Multimedia Kiosk and take immediate action.

Our Multimedia Kiosk delivers up to 3 videos, providing multiple reasons for prospects to do business with you.

You know instantly when someone is watching your videos, and are notified by email and/or text message with the prospect’s name, email, and phone number so that you can reach out to them while the message of the video is still fresh in the prospect’s mind.

Through the Multimedia Kiosk the prospect can interact with you through “chat,” by requesting additional information, by scheduling an interview or webcast through the built-in Auto-scheduler, by downloading a white paper, by sending you a message...the possibilities are limitless!

The Multimedia Kiosk is enabled for “Forward to a Friend.” Not only do you harvest new leads, the prospect forwarding your videos receives instant notification when their friend is watching the videos...just as you do!

Web-based Training System

The Didasko online training system provides you with so many training options! Sales training can be delivered through the PVA Dashboard directly to your sales and/or recruiting team to assure everyone is up to speed.

Didasko has produced dozens of custom training courses and can do so for you, too, so that your entire team is trained on your specific requirements, techniques, policies, and methods.

Didasko maintains a large number of “stock” video training courses on many subjects, including Health/Safety/OSHA Compliance, CMS Compliance, HIPAA, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, etc.

Courses are available in both full motion video and “power point” style.

Courses feature testing or informational-only formats.

Managerial reports are both pushed and pulled. You have full online access to reporting that details student location, job title, region/site, courses taken, left to be taken, scoring, and on-schedule or off-schedule for timely completion. All reports can be downloaded in multiple formats, including Excel, HTML, and PDF.

HD Video Production & Digital Animation

Didasko has produced videos for many of the “Fortune 500” including HD Video Ads, Instructional Videos, How-to Videos, Product Videos, Service Videos, Computer-software-use Videos, Hospitality Videos, and Medical Videos.

Digital animation helps bring the audience much nearer to your message through comedy, fantasy, illustration of processes and services, product demonstration, and client involvement. Causing your products and processes to suddenly “come to life” captures the imagination and helps spark interest that can lead to purchases, team involvement, and overall success in your endeavors.

“Sketch Videos” are a great way to hold audience attention while illustrating key concepts. Didasko can help you create your concept, storyboard it, script it, and produce it.

Didasko can repurpose your existing videos for our online training system or for use in our Multimedia Kiosk for sales, recruiting, or team development.

Didasko offers a full line of digital video production and animation that will meet your needs and budget.

Didasko works on-site for capture, and in studio for post-production, voice over, and animation.